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Finding a home inspection service in Las Vegas that will cover each area of your next residence is critical if you want to avoid buying a home improvement money pit. Home inspection services are also important to anyone looking to find the true value of their current home, and gain a better understanding from a third-party about which areas need improvement. To ensure you are a step ahead of the real estate game or want a second opinion about work a contractor thinks you need, having the right home inspection team by your side is key. While it might seem like a simple inspection, Las Vegas home inspectors need to be certified experts in several areas. Below are some examples of systems and structures that require a detailed eye and construction knowledge by your chosen home inspection company.

Top of the house

While examining the roof and attic, our home inspectors investigate the condition of the insulation, check for grading issues, roofing material types and look for exposed flashing. The top of the house is also where ventilation is located as well as the chimneys and gutters. Most home inspection companies here in Las Vegas leave solar panels out of their inspections, we visually inspect and and make notes on those systems.


Inside the house

Although a full examination of the floors, ceilings and walls are standards in a home inspection report, a majority of the pages need to talk about the inside of the house because it includes specialty areas. For example, kitchens and bathrooms include appliances, electrical work and plumbing in ways other areas of the home do not. No matter which area of the house a home inspection team is servicing, they should be experts at dishwashers, oven ranges, cabinets, sinks, bathtubs and showers. They should also have a spot on their list of inspection priorities to include garbage disposals, water purification systems, vents, exhaust systems, fans and other systems with potential for mechanical failure.

Inside the walls of the house

Inside the walls of modern homes resides more than the typical insulation, HVAC ductwork, plumbing and electrical wiring. These days, there are often other features such as smoke detectors, wireless technology, fiber optics, home theater wiring, sprinklers and security wiring. Las Vegas home inspection companies are also required to inspect heating element flues and vents in addition to thorough HVAC equipment examinations. Heating and air conditioning reports detail the appliances, distribution, thermostats and fuel sources. Concise electrical services reports include wiring notes, main panels, conductors and all panel notes. In many cases, plumbing reports can be extensive to include not only the main line and supply lines but also sewer or waste lines.

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Outside of the house

Most all Las Vegas home inspection companies will give you detailed reports about the exterior of a home including doors and windows. Reports will also include the siding and trim as well as any functional or decorative features associated with the exterior walls. Other inspection reports about the exterior walls include masonry such as chimneys, but also attached features like sprinklers, hose faucets, gutters, downspouts and other roof drainage. Modern homes will also need inspections detailing exterior wall insulation for environmentally friendly or energy-saving advice. The outside of the home can also include exterior paid utilities connection hoses and outdoor HVAC equipment like air conditioner condensers.

Under the house

Depending on the style of your home, it might include a finished or unfinished basement. It may also have an unfinished cellar or a simple crawlspace. Regardless, the foundation of the home is a serious issue because it can cause the value of the home to depreciate significantly or be cause for very expensive repairs. No matter which home inspection company you choose, please be sure they check the foundation of the home, this is an item that is sometimes glanced over and not thoroughly checked.

Home Inspection
Home Inspection

Landscaping and outside property surrounding the house

The grounds of a home can include extensive fences, gates, decks, patios, gazebos and porches. There may also be driveways, parking lots, retaining walls and sidewalks to inspect. In addition to these common areas surrounding the building, any good Clark County based home inspection service should also pay attention to unattached buildings such as garages, spas, pools and playground equipment for children. This can include inspecting garages in the same way a home is inspected along with testing the automatic door opener and all of the electrical equipment. A pool or spa may need to have heaters, pumps, blowers, filters and masonry inspected. Another important aspect to the outdoor landscaping is the availability of drainage and how the property is graded to direct the flow of stormwater.

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